Meet the McDowells

Reading about this family this week brought on ALL the feels. I loved reading about their birthday tradition and the good vibes Ally is spreading. Keep reading below and don’t forget to check out her Instagram!

My name is Ally McDowell and I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have been together since we were fifteen and we have three children; Knox, Skylar, and Colt. I am a registered nurse and I went part-time when we had our children. Something unique about our family is that both of my parents are twins, my husband is a twin, his grandmother is a twin, and we have twins! Our twins will turn five on May 1st and Colt is 20 months old!

A fun birthday tradition I started when Knox and Skylar turned one was to always do a fun and creative party theme with matching shirts of some kind. I always get their birthday shirts from Etsy. You can find anything on Etsy! This year we can’t do much of a party due to social distancing, but their shirts that I got them say “High 5 and Good Vibes”. I thought we could all use some good vibes right now! Skylar’s is a beautiful mauve pink color and Knox’s is a cool blue that matches his eyes. To make their birthday fun and special for them, I am going to set up a scavenger hunt for them to find their presents!

To go along with the birthday theme, I wanted to quickly share one of the best “mom hack” gifts I have ever given my kids- a bouncy house! They got theirs for Christmas and I can honestly say we’ve used it every day since. We live in the Midwest where it gets COLD, so the bouncy house was a life saver this winter! We just put ours in the basement and voila, the kids could get out all sorts of energy! It’s like an indoor park, really. We have two different models and I really can’t recommend them enough!   

I hope you can all stay safe and healthy during this crazy and uncertain time. I pray and try to find the light and something positive in each passing day. Maybe that “light” will be a new and exciting bouncy house for your littles. I know my children’s smiles always bring out the best in me. Whatever it may be, take care.

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