Meet the Northcott Twins

Hi, I’m Michelle first time mummy to twin boys Blake and Luke born 1 minute apart via c-section. We live in a small town in England with our daddy too. Before having twins, I never realized how many other twins were out there. But now when we are out, we usually bump into someone who is a twin or has twins. It’s lovely to hear experiences from other families.

Something fun your family enjoys: We love spending family time together on the weekend and making the most of the outdoors. We also enjoy going on walks come rain or shine and have just brought the boys their first puddle suits and wellies for the rainy weather!

A piece of advice: A great tip that has always stayed with me from another parent of twins was; try and get them into the same routine. That was key for us getting them pretty much in sync for eating/sleeping etc. It’s definitely a tip I will continue to pass on to other parents of twins as it worked brilliantly.

Funny Memory: When the boys were new born they shared a Moses basket for the first couple of weeks and one day we looked in the Moses basket and caught Luke sucking on Blake’s nose it was the sweetest thing! 


If you want to see more of this family, give them a follow on Instagram @northcott_twins

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