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I truly enjoy following @queenofthepalles on Instagram because her zest for life and love of her family ooze from her page! She is also so creative and I love everything she throws together for the girls. From adorable Strawberry Shortcake & Blueberry Muffin Halloween costumes, to a fun and feathery swan & flamingo 1st birthday party and even a pink Christmas tree! Don’t miss the joy she will bring to your Instagram feed and definitely don’t miss reading about her family below!

Hi, I’m Lindsey and my husband is Nik. We have 2 boys, Niko and Colton, ages 9 and 4 and welcomed twins Tessa and Pippa November 2018. The twins were Di/Di meaning that they each had their own sac and separate placentas. I was told they were fraternal my entire pregnancy, but then they came out looking exactly alike and I knew it was time for a DNA test. The testing revealed they are indeed identical, just like my older sisters!

Since becoming a twin mom I’ve realized that people are fascinated with twins. Multiple strangers approach us every time we are out and always have questions to ask. One time, a woman in Target took their picture and then ran away before I could even say hello! I’ve learned so much this year parenting the twins and I can honestly say it’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I will occasionally get sympathy looks from other Moms when I’m out with all 4 kids and I just want to shout, “Don’t feel sorry for me, because I have never been happier!!”

My husband and I love to cook with the kids. It’s something that both boys love to do and we get to spend time together as a family. For every holiday we bake sugar cookies and decorate them. It’s become a really fun tradition. We also enjoy family movie nights at home and playing board games.

If I could offer a piece of advice to other parents with young kids it would be this: Try your hardest to enjoy this time, because everyone is right when they say “it goes by so fast.” When I became a mom, it was overwhelming and challenging and there were times I felt worried and anxious and alone. So I wished that time away. Then I realized I wanted it back, but it was too late. So you might be wearing your clothes from yesterday with food in your hair and a baby in your arms and another one tugging on your leg, but just try to remember…this is only for a season.

My advice for twin Mamas would be: Keep your twins on the same eating and napping schedule. Find a way to feed them at the same time, either tandem breastfeeding or bottle feeding simultaneously with a Twin Z pillow. Having them eating and sleeping at the same time will make your life so much easier.

Since the boys and I always make our chocolate chip pumpkin bread around this time of year we would like to share our recipe:

2 cups canned pumpkin, 3.5 cups flour, 3 cups sugar, 4 eggs, 2/3 cup water, 1 cup of oil, 1.5 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 tsp. nutmeg, 2 tsp. baking soda, 1 cup chocolate chips. Mix in mixer. Fill GREASED pans a little more than 1/2 full. Cooking time and temp depends on oven. I do 325 for 50-60 mins and cover with foil towards the end so the top doesn’t burn.

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  1. I love this it’s just something that any mom out there would love to hear…feel and know it’s going to be okay…Your family is loving and your hearts are just in a million ❤…..

    Sending you love from..

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