Meet the Spence Family

This twin mom is the real deal! She loves hard, her stories keep me motivated to squeeze in a few workouts of my own and she made a Mr. & Mrs. ‘ugly’ Christmas outfit that is the envy of the internet. Plus her daughters are adorable as ever! Don’t miss them @jessica.ann.spence 


Hey there! We are the Spence family! My husband Dano and I found out we were pregnant in March 2017 and found out it was twins at our first ultra sound about a month later. Needless to say, we were shocked! We were blessed with an “easy” pregnancy and welcomed our baby girls, Julie and Norah (whose gender was a surprise until birth) via scheduled c-section at 38 weeks. They just turned 2!

We love to be outdoors! We have a state park about 15 minutes away and we enjoy bike riding and visiting the wildlife center there!

There have definitely been a lot of memorable moments but one of the best, and most recent, was the first time the girls hugged each other. Our hearts just burst! Another awesome thing is that my husband and I both have a mini me. Julie looks like me (with brown eyes) and Norah is the spitting image of her daddy (blue eyes).

Tip: Since we work out of the home, we do their laundry mid week so that by the weekend it is done and can be put away during the day. One of the best products we used was the Joovy Room2 with nursery center. It was used for them to sleep in for the first 4 months and you are also able to change diapers on. It made waking up at all hours more bearable to have it all in one!

One of the most important things, for parents, is to make sure you have time together as husband and wife, without the babies, outside of the home. Even if it’s a lunch date, or walk in the park, something that can help you remember who you were together before big time responsibilities and dirty diapers.

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