Meet the Stewarts

I’ll be honest, I love following lots of moms.  Twin moms, singletons moms, inspiring moms, fit moms, funny moms, sarcastic moms, creative moms, and so much more.  But this mom is a little extra special in her own way.  First of all, she is a mom of TWO sets of twins! That alone blows my mind, but she is SOOO much more than that.  Spend a little time on her page and you will see that she has a love for fashion & travel, is encouraging and helps lift up other women. She even spent December educating and supporting a cause @dressember, to help fight Human Trafficking. Don’t miss her over at @jaimi.stewart

This is a picture as they crossed into their 48th state!

Hi! We are the Stewart Six! The most obvious thing about us people find intriguing is that we have two sets of boy/girl twins. (Both completely natural, no we are not trying for a 3rd set 😉) Our oldest set are 9 years old and our younger set are 4 years old.


A few other interesting tidbits about us: we have lived in 5 different states in 5 years and right now call the front range of Colorado home. We enjoy being outside, hiking, and exploring National Parks, small towns, and experiencing new places. In 2019 we completed a huge goal: we finished driving all the lower 48 states. It took us about 4 years to complete our goal on various trips in our SUV and a few in our 32’ RV. Our big adventure this summer will be a road trip in our RV to Alaska!

There is so much more I could say about our family (twin tips, NICU/extended hospitalization PTSD, moving advice, high-risk pregnancy, our daughters clubfoot journey, how/why we travel…) but I’m trying to keep this brief 😊 I’d love to connect with you on my website or on IG! Writing is something that fills me and I blog on my personal site as well as a contributing writer for a couple other sites. I’m passionate about encouraging women to look for the lovely in the midst of busyness and chaos, with style and travel thrown in. I enjoy meeting other twin parents, so please pop over and say “hi!”.

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