Meet the Tillers

I was instantly drawn to Lexa’s page because of her magically creative photos. She is hands down the most creative mom I follow. Head over to @tiller_twin_adventures so you don’t miss out.

Hi! My name is Lexa! I’m a mom of 3. Liam is 4, and my twins Logan and McKenna are almost 2. Like most mamas I absolutely love taking  photos of my kids. Sometimes being a mama can be tough. I create pictures that show a funny perspective of my life. It helps me to keep a positive outlook and hopefully others can enjoy them as well.


Favorite recipe: My favorite recipe would definitely have to be chicken stir fry with sweet chili sauce. So delicious.

Advice/hack: Probably the best advice I’ve ever received was sleep training/sleep schedule with the twins. If I didn’t establish a sleep schedule, I don’t know what my life would be right now. Lol

Self-care: Self-care is a big must for mama. I try to get a workout in at least once a day. I also meditate before bed every night. Sometimes, I will get up an hour early to get in a yoga practice as well. That’s a tough one, lol. 

Organization: I absolutely hate when things are a mess. With the kids it gets messy a lot. But what I have found to be helping me, is cleaning the house every night to reset for the next day. Dishes done, all the toys away and pillows back on the couch. It’s so much nicer to wake up to a clean space. I also try to limit the number of toys being played with at once.

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