Meet the Vincent Family

Not only is it time for Sunday Spotlight, it is Sunday Spotlight on 2-2-2020!

I absolutely needed to highlight another special family with not one but TWO sets of twins on a day like today. I’m excited to introduce the Vincent family who you can find on Instagram @twinmomtwotimes.


Hi, we are the Vincent Family!

We have two sets of boy/girl twins. Lila & Connor are 4 ½ and Adeline & Andrew are 2 ½. Fraternal twins run on my side of the family. We weren’t surprised when we were expecting our first set of twins but it was shocking that we were going to have twins again! This is a first in our extended family.

We took Andrew and Adeline home from the hospital with their 27-month-old brother and sister awaiting us. To say it was chaotic is an understatement, but they are truly our cherries on top in every single way! Thing are getting easier, but there are new challenges that come with every stage.

Lila and Connor are as different as can be.  Lila is a girly girl, athletic and on the move. Connor is a sweetheart and very book smart. Andrew and Adeline are also very different. Andrew has a very calm temperament while Adeline is very feisty.

We enjoy going to down the shore in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. A fun activity for us is riding our bikes with the trailers all across the island with our crew.

Coordinating our cuties is something we enjoy. Mommy is a fan of classic children’s clothing and home decor. Daddy enjoys doing home improvement projects.

We recently joined a gym so we can get some time to ourselves while the kids play in the childcare center. We are looking forward to going to Disney World in July. It will be our first big vacation as a family of six.

The best advice we have for new or expecting twin parents would be to keep those babies on a strict schedule, that is the only way to maintain your sanity!

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