Meet Zion & His Twin Sisters Bethany and Eliana

This momma loves sloppy wet kisses and snuggles from all 3 of her babies!  @Ro.and.e.plus3 is fun to follow because it helps me to imagine some of what my mom went through raising a toddler followed shortly by twins. 


Something fun we enjoy doing: WE enjoy going to the aquarium and seeing all the sea animals, penguins, and fish. The kids love splashing in the water table together and having picnics. We also enjoy going to church as a family.

Favorite twin parenting memory:  It was so heartwarming to see the excitement from my (then 2 year old) son when he came to the hospital to meet his baby sisters. He still talks about meeting them at ‘the doctors’. It is also awesome to hear my twins say each other’s name, play side by side, and give kisses. Even in the backseat they love to laugh and sing. 

Favorite Hack/Tip: Do what works for you and your family and wave off the guilt and shame. You are in a whole different ball game than others with singletons so don’t hold yourself to their standards. There are things that others do that wouldn’t be reasonable or enjoyable for you with multiples. There will be a season when it will be easier for you to do things everyone else does but for now just enjoy the stage your babies are at. It is so hard to be needed all the time, so don’t feel bad taking time for yourself, even if it is just a few minutes here and there.

As far as saving money, accept all hand-me-downs! I only bought a handful of things for my twins and we had so much gifted to us. Be willing to accept any help you can get from people you trust

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