Sharing What We Thought was the Real News: Our Story Part 2

Onto part 2 of our story! We left off at the end of part 1 with a little google reassurance that high hCG didn’t mean anything unusual.  This was good for two reasons. One, I had already planned my combo guest bedroom/nursery so I didn’t have to get rid of the bed set I adored. And two, because soon after sharing the pregnancy news with Farmer, I ran to my wall calendar and counted out the weeks to determine my due date. October 6th! October 6th didn’t have any particular significance, except for the fact that the further my due date was from my brother’s wedding on September 10th, the more likely I was to be there! That’s a pretty big reason.  My brother and his wife are two of my best friends, the wedding was 5 hours away, and I was supposed to be a bridesmaid (I’d already bought my dress).

At this point I was still in a state of excited disbelief. I was ACTUALLY pregnant.  I felt more tired than usual and my chest still hurt, but other than that, I felt great.  We couldn’t wait to share the news with our family.  On Wednesday, February 3rd, we decided that on Saturday morning we were going to drive to my parents’ house early in the morning to surprise them with the news, and then drive back so we could keep our dinner plans with my sister and tell her as well.  We left our house at 2am to make the trek across the state.

Mom & Dad were a little alarmed when they had a knock on their door a little after 6 in the morning.  As usual, they were excited to see us and weren’t too suspicious because we have done crazier things. After breakfast I told them I had a valentine’s day gift. Mom wanted to wait for the 14th but she gave in to my demands.  At the bottom of the present was a little frame with an announcement of their promotion to grandparents! Mom squealed with delight while dad asked what happened.  Soon he figured out what was going on and his eyes were instantly filled with tears.

 Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long because we had to get clear back to Portland. My sister, Courtney, & Bryce were making us dinner and then we were going to play Pictionary.  A few plays into the game, Farmer and I were up to draw during an All Play.  We both looked at the clue, but knew it didn’t matter. We started to draw family trees and were circling the aunt & uncle.  As soon as they started to guess correctly, we pointed to them and said, ‘yeah, but you guys.’  Courtney, picked up on it really quickly and started hooting and hollering.  Bryce wasn’t far behind and soon we were all celebrating and crying once again. 

We wanted to tell all of our closest family face to face, so had to keep everything tight lipped until the next weekend when we got to go see my brother and Kacie. We told them the same way we told Courtney and Bryce, but the game was almost over before we got an ‘All Play’ during which Farmer & I both got to draw. The other difference was that Brandon & Kacie are so competitive that they didn’t get the clue had NOTHING to do with the game.  By the time they finally got that they were about to be an aunt and uncle, there was all sorts of laughter, cheers and hugs.

At the end of the weekend, on February 15th, we stopped by my Grandma Little’s on the way home to share the news with her too.  We gave her a box of valentine chocolates and a card from Farmer, Crystal, and Baby Bryan.  As she read it, her voice hit an octave higher than usual as she exclaimed, ‘Baby BRYAN!’ She was ecstatic.  She had actually asked if I was pregnant just 2 weeks prior when I had stopped by for a visit.  I hadn’t even taken a test at that point, but my first cousin Emily had a dream that I was, so everyone was on high alert. My grandma passed before she got to meet her newest grandbabies, but I will never forget how her face lit up when she found out we were expecting. It actually resembled the face she made about 29 years prior when she found out mom and dad were expecting twins. She even asked before we left, if I was sure it was only one. I said, something smart like, ‘It better be!’

Just 2 days later, on February 17th, we had our first ultrasound. I told my boss I would be late because I had a doctor’s appointment and Farmer switched shifts with someone so that he could come with me to hear the heartbeat. They were having a hard time seeing much with the normal ultrasound so, the technician decided to move over to the vaginal ultrasound. I was looking at the screen. I wanted to hear the heartbeat.  I wanted to know that everything was okay. As the image started to come into view it wasn’t very clear. My brain was going a million miles an hour and I’m sure I held my breath. I was waiting for those 2 blobs to come into focus and become just one blob. My husband was the first to put it into words as he said, ‘Are there supposed to be two?’  The ultrasound tech, responded with, ‘Well you surprised me this morning! There are definitely two!’

Farmer was instantly beaming and thought this was the best news in the world. I too thought it was good news but my brain went straight to that calendar and my due date.  I didn’t know a TON about twins, but I did know that it was common to come early, that complications were common, and that I likely would miss my brother & Kacie’s wedding. When I said, ‘what about the wedding?’ Farmer replied, ‘Who cares! We are having 2 babies!’  I quickly assured him that I cared.  My own mom had missed my uncles wedding when she was pregnant with my sister and I. Plus, she ended up going into premature labor and had to call a family friend to drive to the reception and get my dad (this was before there were cell phones). Despite my instant (and practical) worries about how we would afford them, how to fit 2 cribs in the nursery, and missing the wedding, I was soon crying happy tears. I was carrying not just 1 miracle, but 2. I couldn’t believe it.

We had no idea how to contain our excitement, so we didn’t. 
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