The Troublesome Twin Elves

Howie & Luther came to us a year before the girls were born. Luther was our home elf and Howie was the spirit lifting office elf!  I didn’t realize just how much trouble twin elves could cause until December 2016 when they both showed up at our house.  It made sense, I guess.  There had been lots of changes at the office and Santa must have known that these twin girls would need twin elves to keep a proper eye on them.  Howie & Luther bring a lot of cheer and Christmassy giggles to our house, but each year they seem to get a little more rambunctious. 

This blog post is about some of the ruckus they have caused these past few years. I also promise to keep you abreast of all the fun they bring us this holiday season if you follow along on Instagram or Facebook. 


Things started out pretty low-key with our friends. The first year they brought us this Jingle Bell Turkey and these snowflake window clings, which the girls seemed to enjoy. 

window clings

They also liked to do things like take the girls’ toys or my Christmas decor for a ‘spin’

At other times they have been found digging through the toy box and making a mess, or building little homes with their favorite stackable toy, the Tegu blocks. These blocks were featured in my post 25 gifts for Tots, if you would like to check it out. It’s not a bad idea considering cyber Monday and sales are right around the corner. 

Playing with toys creates a bit of a mess for me to clean up, but nothing like this next stunt. I hadn’t quite realized how rowdy Howie and Luther could be.  One morning I came down to flour spilled across my floor and those two goofballs were doing ‘snow’ angels on our kitchen island.  What a mess!  In all fairness, we hadn’t had any snow yet, so it was nice to have a little reminder of the fun we hoped for. 

Another favorite hobby of Howie & Luther is reading. They are such smart little elves. In 2016, they helped us brush up on the toolkits in 12 hours by 12 weeks, which helped us get enough rest for all the holiday madness. The next year they found a couple of our favorite bedtime books, I Love You Through and Through, and How Do I Love You.  And a few days later were rolling around laughing under the Christmas tree as they donned the Tickle Monster glove and tickled with glee.  

As all of you know, elves can be a little tricky to find each morning. If you ever have a hard time finding your elves, check the pantry. It seems that Cap’n Crunch is their favorite cereal.  You can just follow the crumbs to wherever they are. I don’t get sugary cereal very often but every time I buy it for my sister-in-law, the elves break into it first. 

And they don’t stop with throwing a munch on my Capn’ Crunch. I have found them plowing through my mallows as they sip hot cocoa or make smores. They made a bed out of the Crispix Mix as they helped themselves to a snack. Last year, they even broke into the girls’ kitchen and helped themselves to a pile of rice krispies and ginger snaps.  I guess elves really do thrive on sugar. 

If a trail of candy & sweets doesn’t lead you to your elf friends, then don’t forget to look high & low. Howie and Luther are quite agile. We have found them summiting the tent in the playroom and even rappelling down from the top of the window. 

Each year, Howie & Luther, get a little more adventurous.  Last year they were even roping Santa into the occasional stunt, crashing the party at the manger to say hello to the reason for the season, and were literally swinging from the lights in our kitchen! 

Just as they knew I was about to go crazy they decided to be sweet. They left notes on our bananas and in the girls’ rocket books. They even set out the girls’ toothbrushes and reminded them of the importance of hand hygiene during flu season when we found them washing their hands.  As pesky as these North Pole Natives can be, they are also our pals, and we can’t wait for the playful fun they bring this year. 

Do you have an elf or two in your house? I’d love to see what mischief they cause. Please comment below with the nonsense.  

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