This Momma is Making a Difference

I am especially honored to feature @twinsonthegox2 today.

Being a mom during this pandemic can feel like a lot. Everyone is dealing with various new stressors or unknowns, and it can be a lot to just hold yourself together.  But this mom is truly inspiring. She is a mom to not just one but TWO sets of twins under the age of 5, (identical girls Evya and Noa and fraternal b/g twins Efi and Raya) AND she has transformed her business to meet an important need during COVID-19. Her business is Rafi Nova and they normally make beautiful bags that incorporate traditional handicrafts and textiles. They created this business as a way to give back to communities and villages around the world while encouraging other families to take on new adventures. 

But lately amidst the shortages of PPE, Rafinova has launched a campaign to donate masks to frontline workers and aims to donate 10,000 masks to local hospitals and shelters.  You can buy a mask for yourself or loved ones, donate to her cause, or even share this to help spread the word about how she is really stepping in to help. Please check it out @twinsonthegox2, @rafinova_go or head to

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