To Pacifier or Not to Pacifier

Pacifiers; some people love them & some people hate them.  The good news is that when you’re the parent, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!  Maybe you restrict them for car seats and the crib or maybe your kid never spits it out.  We were somewhere in the middle. 

Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, the thought of pulling the pacifier can bring about some level of panic.  Before I get to pulling the pacifier, I figured I should talk about why we chose to use pacifiers in the first place.

If you have followed me for any length of time you have seen how many times I’ve mentioned our beloved WubbaNubs.  (I should be sponsored by WubbaNub come to think of it!) I tried to be a ‘tough mom’ and restrict their pacifiers for cribs and carseats so they could learn to self-soothe without it. But to be honest, I kind of sucked at that, and a WubbaNub was never very far away.

The biggest reason I was bound and determined to use pacifiers with the girls was because I was a thumb sucker and vividly remember how hard it was to stop.  I stopped before kindergarten (my mom seems to think it was the night before kindergarten), but whenever it was, it was tough.  My parents tried putting some awful tasting pickling spice on my thumb, but if I really needed to suck my thumb, I’d just get through it until my thumb was back to tasting like normal.  I even remember laying in bed at night, trying to be good, with my thumb tucked tightly into my fist. Then I’d hold it right up next to my face with my silk trimmed blanket resisting the urge to suck my thumb until I’d fall asleep.  I wanted to quit so badly, but it wasn’t easy.  I don’t think I have any long-term development issues from it and I didn’t even need braces, but I didn’t want my girls to have to go through this.  My goal was to keep plugging that pacifier until they wouldn’t even think about using their fingers, and it worked!

Pacifier Pro’s:

  1. You can take them away: There is no way to get rid of their fingers when you want to, but a pacifier can be pulled in a moment.
  2. It’s easier to soothe: All babies cry, but I am pretty sure two babies crying in surround sound can drive anyone insane. A plug was a necessity for me.
  3. SLEEP: Anything, and I mean anything, that will help your baby(ies) sleep longer and better is worth it
  4. Germs: Sure I wasn’t the best at sanitizing the Wubba’s on a daily basis, but it felt a little cleaner than their grubby fingers.
  5. Easier car rides: As I mentioned in ‘Beep Beeps & Car Seats’, pacifiers made our road trips much easier.

Pacifier Drawbacks:

  1. Dental reasons: my dentist definitely frowned on pacifier use because they can mess up their bite. This is definitely something to consider, but we pulled them early enough that their teeth corrected!
  2. The chase: tracking down pacifiers or getting up in the middle of the night to plug them back in can definitely be annoying.  Kids can definitely find their fingers on their own before they can feel around for a pacifier, but I usually tried to throw 3 Wubbas in the girls’ cribs in hopes that they would stumble across one of them before I had to get out of bed.
  3. Slowed speech: If kids have a pacifier in 24/7 they aren’t as readily able to speak.  They have to be motivated enough to pull the pacifier out first.  Plus many twins seem to be a little slower to talk in the first place, possibly because they create their own language. This can be combatted by reserving the pacifier for sleep and leaving it in the crib.  

I’m sure there are many more pro’s and con’s, and you are obviously welcome to decide for yourself, but we LOVED our pacifiers.  We actually started using them night #2 in the hospital because my husband had to sleep for a job interview.  Some people get worried about early use causing issues with latching but that certainly wasn’t the case for us.

I honestly think that every expecting mom needs to invest in a couple of Wubbanubs because these helped ensure good nights of sleep for all of us. They also allowed me to (mostly) keep my sanity for the first 18 months of their life.  The reason I recommend WubbaNubs over other pacifiers is because they are harder to lose and easier for the babies to find on their own!  If you are scared about pulling pacifiers, don’t worry, I was too, but it was easier than I thought it would be.  I’ll wrote about that in Pacifier Plight

Thanks for following along.
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