Transitioning Twins Part 2: Perks of Potty Training Two

In ‘Transitioning Twins Part 1’ we said goodbye to our beloved cribs and this was all in preparation for the even more important task of potty training. I feel that the fears associated with potty training are greater than the fears associated with transitioning to big kid beds.  So, before we jump into how we potty trained, I’d like to get you pumped up with a little encouragement and some of the upsides to potty training two.

 The most obvious perk is saving money:

We had multiple packs of diapers & wipes on our Amazon Subscribe & Save every month, so our Amazon bill dropped substantially.  We didn’t exactly feel rich and the preschool bill started before we knew it, but hey, it’s still nice not to have to buy so many diapers.

We also saved on our garbage service. Two kids in diapers is a LOT of diapers. Enough that it was tough to fit into 1 garbage can, so we were able to cut back to one!

The second perk is not having to change diapers:

Changing diapers is NOT fun. As parents, we suck it up and do it. You even get kind of numb to it. But you will be immediately grateful the minute you can just flush it instead of wiping it and smelling it all the way to the trash. 

Thirdly, with twins, you only have to do it once:

When it comes to potty training, you have to clear your calendar, dig in and get it done. For busy people that like to get out and enjoy the outdoors or fun with friends, this is kind of a bummer. Thankfully for twin moms we only have to do this once!  My sister potty trained her son shortly after I potty trained the girls.  It took her just as long to potty train Lando as it took me to potty train two. The downer for her is that she will have to go through it again in a couple years. (sorry sis)

Twins will learn from each other:

That first day of potty training can be a bit of a struggle. It is hard to keep an eagle eye on 2 naked toddlers. While you likely will have a few more accidents to clean up than a mom watching one kid, the great thing about potty training twins is that they learn from one another.  Take a deep breath even after a ‘missed’ opportunity. They will get to celebrate when they are successful AND when their twin is successful. 

They have a buddy:

This goes along with the previous perk.  Outside from learning from one another, they have a buddy to sit side by side on the potty with.  The girls laughed and giggled as they read books or played with toys while sitting on their potty. Instead of fully interrupting their play time we just took their play to their potties.  

Lastly and most importantly, you get a lot of uninterrupted bonding time:

Let’s face it our days are busy.  Whether you have a job outside of the house, are a SAHM or somewhere in between, we are all ‘working’ moms.  Motherhood is hard work and we are often juggling multiple things at once.  On my days at home I am trying to entertain, teach, clean, cook and maybe even sprinkle in some scrapbooking, grocery shopping or a workout.  But when I was potty training, I didn’t do all of that for a few days.  I was JUST with them. I read, I played, I cleaned up potty messes, but I minimized all other distractions.  I didn’t worry about a home cooked dinner, I didn’t worry about cleaning, and I didn’t even have my phone out.  As exhausting as it was, I enjoyed uninterrupted time with them. I enjoyed watching them learn and develop this new skill. I enjoyed being a part of their 2-year-old silliness. And they enjoyed being with me too!


Potty training two is not easy, and it isn’t all puppies and rainbows, but you can do it and there are parts of it that are truly wonderful.  Look for those parts as you proceed on your own journey to being diaper free.  GOOD LUCK!

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