Will Work for ‘Mallows

We do monthly photo shoots. Nothing terribly fancy, but something where we put a little thought into it and try to get the girls to sit and smile.  I thought it was tough when they were little, but it’s even more difficult now.  They are busy, they make cheesy faces, or they push their sister just as my husband is trying to grab the perfect shot.  Last month I tried to bribe them with marshmallows if they could sit on the sled and take a nice picture together.  They did pretty well and each got 4 mini marshmallows.  The next day I was tidying up their toy room and they came running in, unopened mallow bag in hand, talking a million miles a minute. I asked them to slow down and tell me what was up. They grabbed my hand and drug me to the garage where they started pointing at the sled. They were still talking too fast, and trying to talk over one another, but the words I was able to understand were sled, sit, pictures, and mallows.
They were willing to work for some more treats!

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